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Questions To Ask Your Limo Service Before The Wedding

A limo service for your wedding day has many benefits. Besides adding to the party/luxury/celebration atmosphere, a limo will help keep dresses from wrinkling, will keep the wedding party together so that arrivals aren’t delayed, will prevent your wedding party from driving after drinking, and much more. All in all, getting a Los Angeles limo service for your big day is very smart!

But what questions and information do you need to take care of when hiring a limo service? You need to go in prepared, or else you may find yourself with a low-rated or unprofessional Los Angeles limo service. And no one wants that on their wedding day (or ever).

Here are some good questions to ask when vetting limo services:

What Does Your Insurance Cover?

Just in case you or your wedding party experience a little bump-up during your limo ride, you don’t want to be responsible for having to pay for the damages. Because big money is always involved with accidents, it’s important to ask whose coverage will be liable if this were to happen.

What Do Your Drivers Wear?

A good Los Angeles limo service will require their chauffeurs to wear a certain uniform in order to look professional. These uniforms vary, so if you’re concerned with how your driver might look, ask the limo company what their chauffeurs typically wear.

Are Your Drivers DOT Compliant?

If the limo company is legit, their drivers should definitely be DOT compliant. This means that the drivers will have been required to undergo drug testing in order to work there. If this is important to you, be sure to check with them.

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Are Your Drivers Trained?

A good limo company will have drivers who have earned their chauffeur’s license or permit. If you’ll be requiring them to drive you across a state border, your driver should have a chauffeur’s license for that particular state as well.

How Many People Does The Vehicle Hold?

If the limo company answers this question with “Ten passengers,” assume that this means ten crammed in passengers. It’s always a good idea to reserve a limo for a group one size up from yours to ensure everyone’s comfort. After all, a limo is all about luxury!

Are Amenities Included?

It’s your wedding day! Does the limo service include a red carpet to roll out for your big entrance? What about champagne? Some limos are stocked with snacks and drinks, and others aren’t. If this is important to you, make sure to ask about it beforehand. If you want it but the limo company doesn’t usually provide it, you may be able to arrange it with them. Just don’t wait until you’re sitting inside the car on your wedding day!

Some Los Angeles limo services don’t allow food or drinks in their vehicles, period. If snacking and drinking in the limo is something you know you’ll want, it’s important to double check on this during your first conversation with the limo company.

Do You Provide A Contract?

As with every vendor you’re working with on your wedding day, you should have a business contract with the Los Angeles limo service you choose. Having a document that states pricing, policies, expectations, and rules is an absolute must. If the limo company you want doesn’t provide contracts, you should request that they draw one up. It should cover things like deposits, total cost, cancellation policies, drop-off and pick-up times, gratuities, and overtime fees.

No matter if you end up choosing a limo, a sprinter, or a luxury sedan, your wedding day transportation vehicle should be exactly what you want! Ask these important questions to double-check that you’ll be completely satisfied with your car, company, and service!

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