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4 Reasons To Use A Car Service Instead Of Ride-Hailing Apps For The Emmys 2017

In Hollywood, the Emmys 2017 are upon us once again. On September 17th, celebrities, writers, and producers will arrive at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for a night of glitzy dresses, nice tuxedos, speeches that range from funny to serious, and of course, lots of awards.

Celeb or not, if you’ll be attending the Emmys 2017, you may be looking for a limo or car service to get you to the ceremony in a stylish, comfortable, and luxurious way. Check out our list below for reasons why you should take advantage of a car service for the Emmys 2017 instead of Uber or Lyft.

A Car Service Is Classier

You don’t want to pull up the red carpet in an Uber or a Lyft. Even “nice” Uber or Lyft cars are no match for a red carpet at an awards show. You’ll be photographed by lots of cameras, for one thing, and who wants to step out of an Uber or Lyft wearing a designer gown or suit? Even if you decide to avoid the red carpet by being dropped off and walking from father away, who wants to do that in the Los Angeles September heat and heels, or a tuxedo jacket?


Our Drivers Are Professional

We have nothing against ride-hailing app drivers, but sometimes an event calls for a truly professional driver. Especially when there’s a red carpet involved, you’ll want a driver who is uniformed, opens the car door for you, knows the best routes to beat traffic, and doesn’t get too chatty during the ride (unless you want him to). Our drivers are licensed, insured, and DOT compliant. They have transported passengers to dozens of awards ceremonies, and will know the best tips and tricks to get you there safely and on time.

Our Vehicles Are Clean

Modern Limo is called a “luxury car service” for a reason. The cars are beautiful, shiny, and clean on both the inside and the outside. They smell nice and won’t look shoddy pulling up to the Emmys. Our cars will “match” your attire and make you feel better than stepping out of a Honda Accord that hasn’t been to the car wash in a couple months.

The Occasion Calls For It

Sometimes there are events in our lives that deserve to be splurged on. If you’re fortunate enough to be attending the Emmys 2017, taking a nice, spacious, stylish car service is worth it. You can even have some celebratory champagne on your way! Not every night of your life is an awards night, after all—so why not indulge in luxury a little and make it a little more special?

Emmys Stage

With Modern Limo Service, you can relax and enjoy your ride in style. We have a fleet of outstanding vehicles to ensure that you get whatever you like, from luxury sedans and luxury SUVs to sprinter vans. Whether you’re rooting for House of Cards or Stranger Things, we’re confident you’re your night at the Emmys will be a memorable one, and we’d love to be a part of helping you enjoy it! Please contact us with any questions you may have about transportation to the Emmys 2017, or simply get an instant quote now.