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Limo Etiquette

6 Limousine Etiquette Tips To Know

Everyone loves limo rides. They’re almost the best part of the event that’s going on, right? Whether it’s for your wedding, the prom, a birthday party, a bachelor or bachelorette party, an anniversary, or a night on the town, a great limo service is always a blast. And while the point is to have fun riding around in a limousine, there are some good “rule of thumb” limo etiquette rules that every passenger should follow. The luxury car service and driver you’re using need to be treated respectfully.

But what exactly does this respect entail? We’ve put together some things for you to consider as a passenger.

Guest Count

It’s good to know how many passengers there will be riding in the limo or luxury car you’ve booked, and to let the company know this number. If the amount of passengers increases for any reason, it’s also good to let them know this so that they can determine which of their vehicles will be the most comfortable, accommodating, and safe for your party.

Know How To Get In

This may sound completely silly, but to be honest, this is something that actually causes a lot of last-minute mishaps and clumsiness. Allow the driver to open the door for you (after all, that’s the driver’s job), sit in the first empty seat that you see, and swing your legs in for a smooth entry. Once you’re seated, scoot along the row of seats until you’ve found the right spot.

Dont Fight

We understand that the whole point of renting a limo for a night out often means that passengers will be partying and drinking. However, don’t be that too-intoxicated rider that gets into a fight inside the limo. This is always silly, frequently dangerous, and completely unnecessary. It is definitely not good limo etiquette!

Watch below for more limo etiquette tips:

Know The Party Rules

Most luxury car services don’t allow smoking in their cars, so be mindful and respectful of this if it’s a rule. Check with the company when you book about having any alcohol approved, and be generally respectful while inside the car. Don’t swear at your driver or be obnoxious. They are there doing a job for you, and they need to feel a certain level of safety as well.

Don’t Trash The Limo

Leave the limo as closely as you can as you found it. Don’t leave empty bottles, cans, or wrappers. Don’t throw food or drink at your fellow passengers. Don’t put your shoes all over the seats. When you leave, take what you brought with you. Some luxury car service companies actually charge a cleaning fee if there’s a mess, so be mindful of this.

Don’t Forget To Tip

General etiquette says you should tip your driver 15% of the limo rental fee if it’s a regular ride, and 20% if you’ve rented the limo for a special occasion (especially if the passengers are in “party mode”).

At Modern Limousine Service, we truly appreciate customers who practice great limo etiquette. We provide stylish, safe, and reliable transport for those who need to get around California. We employ the best drivers, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding service. If you’re in need of a limo or luxury car rental, grab an instant quote or simply contact us!