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How A Car Service Can Help Your Entire Wedding Week

A limo on a couple’s wedding day is fairly traditional, but that doesn’t mean a limo always has to be specifically for the couple to arrive at the reception venue, or for the wedding party. A limo is perfect for those purposes, but a limo or car service is also great for a other memorable times that will be happening throughout the wedding week.

Airport Pickups

Most weddings include some key members of the wedding party flying in from out of town, or perhaps the parents of the bride or groom. What better way to welcome them to the next few exciting days than with a luxury limo at the airport? They can arrive in style and feel appreciated with a good limo service.

Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties

We’ve mentioned in other posts how helpful it is to have a car service for those memorable nights out. Everyone can have a few drinks without having to worry about driving; a professional driver will know his way around; you won’t need to worry about waiting around for ride-hailing apps, and everyone gets to stick together so that no one is late or left behind. Make this car service a limo, and you’ll be pulling up in style everywhere you go.


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The Rehearsal Dinner

Arriving to the rehearsal dinner in a limo will help a couple make a great entrance. Or, since Los Angeles is notorious for its traffic, it may be a great idea to even book a nice sprinter van and have everyone travel together to beat the clogged roads.

Carting Around Your Wedding Party

Some couples decide to book a limo for their wedding party to get to the reception venue, while they themselves ride in a separate vehicle. This is often to preserve their grand entrance to the reception, and because usually the wedding party photos are finished before the bride and groom’s photos. Groomsmen and bridesmaids love getting their own limo or sprinter!

The Classic Grand Entrance

This is when a newly-married couple pulls up to the reception venue, and it’s a prime opportunity for photos! It’s practically tradition to make your big entrance as a just-married couple with a fantastic limo.

Just Married! Leaving The Reception

Seeing the newly-married couple off is also a big wedding tradition. Guests gather around to say goodbye and congratulations to the bride and groom as they’re whisked off to their first evening together as man and wife. Many couples enjoy their “getaway car” being a limo, since it offers the space and luxury to help them relax and enjoy each other after such a big event. For this reason, limos are perfect for leaving the wedding reception.


As you can see, there are many areas of a wedding where a car service can be very helpful. From airport pickups to bachelor parties, having a luxury car service by your side is a smart plan. As the premier car service in Los Angeles, Modern Limo can provide you with any car service needs you may have—for a wedding or for anything else! Take a look at our vehicles, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.