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6 Events That Call For A Luxury Car Service

Sometimes a regular car or an Uber just won’t do, and you need a luxury car service. It may be because you don’t want to get into a stranger’s car on your way to someplace special, or it could be as simple as you want to make a good impression to someone. Below are some classic situations that call for a good luxury car service.

Special Occasion Date Nights

When it comes to a truly special date night, hiring a luxury car service is so much nicer than riding around in your regular car or waiting around for Ubers or Lyfts (and then having to ride in their car). Town cars, limos, and luxury cars keep things feeling intimate, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re being driven around by a professional who has been trained and knows the area well. Having a luxury car service chauffeuring you around as a couple will make you feel special, and will add a strong element of romance to your date. Whether it’s an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, a proposal, or any other unique date, having a luxury car service will add an extra-special touch.

Business Travel

Having a professional car service for out-of-town partners, colleagues, and clients makes an immediate good impression, shows them that they are considered and appreciated, and makes them feel special. Limos are the preferred vehicle when it comes to entertaining clients, and having a car service waiting to pick them up or drop them off at the airport makes a big statement about your company.

Movie Premieres

If you live in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve been to at least one movie premiere! You may even have been to a movie premiere for a film that you’ve worked on. When these special nights happen, arriving in true style in a luxury car adds so much to the experience. Whether it’s a full limousine, a beautiful town car, or a classic luxury sedan, you’ll want the right car to match the red carpet!

wedding-day-limoWedding Party Transport

Lots of couples splurge on a limo for their wedding party, and why not? Having the bridesmaids and groomsmen together in a limo is fun, traditional, and will make them feel appreciated. This is an especially good idea if your ceremony venue is a little far from the reception venue, since having everyone share a limo will ensure that they all arrive at the same time and no one gets left behind.

Wine Tours And Pub Crawls

If you’re planning on experiencing a wine tasting tour, craft beer journey, or a hefty pub crawl, a car service is much better than a ride-hailing app, simply because it cuts down on waiting-around time and also ensures that you’ll get where you want to go. If you’ve had a few (as you will on a wine or beer tour), let’s face it—you may not always know what to tell an Uber or Lyft driver. But a car service driver will know where to go, and will take good car of you in between stops.

Spa Escapes

An indulgent trip to the spa should be bookended with rides in a luxury car, right? Whether you’re hitting the spa with buddies, bridesmaids, your significant other, or simply yourself, having a car service to chauffeur you to and from will complete the day of pampering.

Whatever your special occasion may be (any of these, the prom, homecoming, class reunions, etc.), Modern Limo has you covered. We are a luxury car service in Los Angeles that provides outstanding cars and professional drivers with superior customer service. Contact us with any questions you may have, or take advantage of our instant quote form!