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Why You Should Rent a Limousine for Your Bachelorette Party

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Bachelorette parties are all about letting your hair down with your best friends and taking a much-needed break from wedding planning. Rather than planning just a normal day of relaxing and fun, consider making this event extra special. One great and practical way of treating yourself and your friends is to rent a limousine for your bachelorette party. While this party is something your maid-of-honor will usually plan, you can begin thinking about the possibilities now and weigh the options to let the planner know what you would love to have for your hen party.

Whether you want to go bar and club hopping, or you want to do a wine tour, there are plenty of reasons to rent a limousine for your bachelorette party.

No “DD’s” Needed

Now, we know this doesn’t seem like the most fun reason to rent a bachelorette party limo, but the consideration of everyone’s safety is a big deal and needs to be thought of. There tends to be some drinking during a bachelorette party, whether that is a sip of champagne or a round of shots. So ensuring that no one in your party is drinking and driving is essential. Obviously, a DUI is not something that anyone wants and would make for a total buzz kill, but driving under the influence can risk your life and the lives of others on the road. Eliminate any and all stress over this concern and don’t ask any of your fellow party goers to be the Designated Driver by renting a limousine to safely transport everyone to and from each destination.

Front Door Drop-Off

Wouldn’t it be so great to totally skip the need for parking, paying fees, and having to walk in your sky-high heels to and from each party location? That’s what a limousine can give you. For this convenience alone, renting a bachelorette party limousine is well worth the investment. The professional chauffeur will drop you and your friends off right at the front door of each destination, whether that be a club, restaurant, winery, spa, or a show. And while this service is so convenient, it will also save you on all the parking fees and potential fines you may have to pay if you drive yourself. What’s the point of paying to park a mile away from your location if you then have to potentially drive under the influence, when you can spend that money on a limousine? The answer seems obvious!

Have Fun Every Moment

Besides the safety and convenience of a limousine for a bachelorette party, another benefit of renting this service is that it allows you and all of your friends to party every moment of the day or evening. Normally, the fun would pause while you all rode in the car to another location, but when you’re all being chauffeured in a limo, you are all sitting in the back seat together and can enjoy snacks and adult beverages while you move from party spot to party spot. And the time in the limo also gives you time to play fun games that may not be appropriate for a restaurant, as well as the chance for the bride-to-be to open gifts. Make the absolute most of the bachelorette party and don’t waste one moment by hiring a limo.

Make a Smart Investment

Many people make the mistake of thinking that renting a limousine is a luxury investment that is only for the wealthy. And while limos certainly are luxurious with the ultra comfortable lounge seating and room for drinks and snacks, the cost to rent them doesn’t have to be. The bride-to-be typically shouldn’t have to pay for anything on her bachelorette party, but just imagine how cost-savvy it can be if you split the cost of the limo rental with each party guest? The price to rent one suddenly becomes very affordable and can be a part of your gift to the bride. So with a single purchase, you are receiving a major element of the party in itself, professional chauffeuring for safety, savings on gas and parking, front door drop-off service, the protection against driving under the influence, and a luxurious experience normally reserved for celebrities. Need we say more?

If you’re planning a bachelorette party, be sure to take each of these reasons into consideration for why you need to rent a limo for the party. You will be everyone’s favorite party planner if you do and the bride-to-be will love you for it.

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