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4 Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Limousine Experience

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Renting a limousine for your wedding day is one great way to make it even more special. A limo is usually reserved for only the most special occasions, or for the rich and famous. When you rent a wedding limo, you are treating yourself and your new spouse to the best of the best that transportation can provide, and you’re helping to ensure your wedding is as magical as possible. If you want to make your time in the limousine even more divine on your wedding day, consider these tips and suggestions that will enhance your overall experience.

Pop the Bubbly

When you’re in the limousine on your wedding day, nothing will be more special than celebrating the start of your marriage with a champagne toast. There are so many details to plan for your wedding that it’s easy to overlook all of the little touches that will help to enhance everything you’ve put together. This includes your time spent in the limousine traveling from the ceremony to the reception. While the experience of riding in the ultra comfortable and luxurious backseat of the limo will be a treat in itself, remembering to include a basket of champagne and two glasses will make it even more romantic.

Set the Mood

If you’ll be riding in the limousine without your bridal party to the reception, then that time will be special for just the two of you to spend together as the new Mr. and Mrs. Make it even more special by putting together a playlist of songs you would love to get lost in and cuddle with on the way to the reception before you’ll be surrounded by people again. On the other hand, if your bridal party will be sharing the limousine with you, put together a list of your favorite upbeat tunes that will get you all in the party mood. The right music will really enhance your experience riding in the limousine.

Have Snacks Prepared

Chances are, the only time you will eat before the ceremony is early in the morning when you’re getting your hair and makeup done. With that said, it will be hours before you get the chance to eat something again. Do yourself a favor and have some snacks prepared by a loved one or the caterer to have ready for you in the limousine. Choose some light snacks that will be just enough to tie you over before dinner and that will go perfectly with the champagne. Crackers and cheese with fruit are great options. And even though chocolate-dipped strawberries are super romantic, you won’t want to risk spilling chocolate on your dress!

Choose a Few Special Locations

When you’re riding around in the limousine, it can be tempting to give the driver full reigns to go wherever they choose. You may be short on time and will need to get straight to the reception, but if you have a little leeway, make this time together even more special by selecting a few favorite locations to either drive by or stop at for a few moments. You can have your photographer ride with you in the limo or directly behind and plan out the locations where you want your pictures taken. And if you aren’t doing your pictures at this time in between the ceremony and reception, then plan a few locations to spend a few moments together just to admire a gorgeous view and enjoy each other’s company. You will only experience this time together once, so make the most of it and schedule in some “us” time before the craziness of the reception party begins. You’ll be glad you did.

When you want to make your wedding limousine experience even more special, remember these tips and contact Modern Limousine Service for the ride of a lifetime.