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Actress Riding in Luxury Car

Luxury Car Service Will Welcome Your Actors To L.A.

As arguably the main city the world for film production, Los Angeles sees thousands of movies, shows, and commercials being made each and every day, and local filmmakers are constantly flying in out-of-town actors and actresses for their projects.

As with any business professionals, filmmakers know how important it is to make a good impression on their out-of-town guests. And what is the very first impression when someone gets off of the plane?

Their transportation, of course. This is why it’s very smart to rent an LAX car service to pick up your actor or actress from the airport. Nothing says “welcome to Los Angeles” in a professional way like a a luxury car service waiting to pick a guest up. This will be impressive to and appreciated by the actor or actress who has just been on a long flight.

Car Service vs. App Services for Picking Up Guests

You may be wondering why you shouldn’t just order an Uber or Lyft to pick up your actor from the airport. After all, everyone uses app pickup services, right?

Maybe. But picking up a guest who is important to your production is a different situation that calls for special treatment. There are many reasons why you should choose a professional car service over Uber or Lyft when it comes to trying to make a good impression. Check out some of the reasons why:

The Drivers

Professional car service drivers are, well, professional. They know the do’s and don’ts of driving a guest—whereas many Uber or Lyft drivers do not. Professional car service drivers are highly trained and experienced industry experts. They understand how to read someone and know if they’re in the mood to chat or not, and they look the part. They are dressed nicely and don’t give off the impression that you’re being driven around by a schlub. They know the correct questions to ask (if any), and they can be counted on to do an excellent job. Luxury car services also require their drivers to be both registered and licensed.

Luxury Sedan BackseatCleanliness

With an app car service, you honestly never know what sort of vehicle you’ll be getting—or when they will arrive. Even with a ratings system, Uber or Lyft cars can be dirty, or even worse, smelly. However, with a luxury car service, you can be positive that the car transporting your guest will be impeccably cleaned, refreshing, and professional-looking. Car service drivers are required to clean their car after each passenger’s trip is finished, which ensures a clean and consistent experience each ride.

Reliability & Time-Saving

Anyone who has ever ordered an Uber or Lyft knows that the drivers can be late. Even though the app gives you an estimated pickup time, app drivers can get turned around, keeping you waiting. This is the last thing you want for an actor or actress that you’re trying to impress. They are going to be tired and very ready for a car to pick them up. With a luxury car service, you can book the car beforehand to make sure that a driver is ready and waiting.


Although some Uber and Lyft drivers include waters or candy in their cars, these “refreshments” are always iffy. You never know how long they’ve been there, or whose hands have been around them. Professional car services offer fresh beverages and many other outstanding amenities, many of which a traveler will appreciate greatly after a long flight. And not only do luxury car services always have plenty of room for luggage, they’re also trained to help load and unload the luggage. Some Uber and Lyft drivers have trunks filled with their own things.

Overall Vibe

A luxury car service will always be a step above an app pickup service. The drivers, cars, and service all create an atmosphere of professionalism, true luxury, and comfort. An actor or actress will feel very special and taken care of with a luxury car service, and it will show them that you value them. That is a first impression that filmmakers should definitely seek out.

As you can see, a luxury car service allows your out-of-town guest to ride in comfort and style. Whether  you need to have an actor picked up from LAX, the Van Nuys Airport, or the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Modern Limo Service has you covered. We offer the best in luxury cars for rent in L.A., including executive sedans, luxury SUVs, classic stretch limos, and even a Mercedes Sprinter if you happen to have a group of actors to transport instead of just one or two. If you’re planning on welcoming actors to Los Angeles and want to make that great first impression, get an instant online quote today.